Hi my name is Tom, i come from Germany,
My Thaiwife and I run the archery Club here on Koh Phangan.
I haved lived here for 17 years on Koh Phangan.
Since that time i know Mr. Thakrit Sritongkul very well;
his and my family are good friends over a long time.
So he ask me for some References.
What can i say?

Mr. Takrit Sritongkul`s Family has been on the islands (Koh Phangan,
Koh Samui and Koh Tao) and is very influential and powerful.
As he was born on the island and he is from a very powerful family, he knows and has many connetions to all important people and institutions.
His relationships range from Police-, Military-, Goverment-, and Administration-Official´s, up to and including Judges, Prosecutors and Ministers in Bangkok. I have accompanied him many times for bail out hearings and problem solvings. So i know how he is working.
He has been a great friend to me, also he has helped me a lot.
He made it possible for me to get a 30 year Land lease registrated within 1,5 Hours, also he helped me by some bounderies clearing.
My Friend knows very well the foreign mentality.
He traveled in a lot countrys, and also from his resort business he can understand the thinking from foreign people.

Call me and i will introduce him to you.
08 95 30 40 80

Dipl.- Kfm. Thomas Schulze

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